PCU-Rock Bio My Script-by Me

Real Name: Dwayne Johnson

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 275 lbs.

From: Miami, Florida

Favorite Quote: "If Ya Smell-la-la-la-lao What The Rock...Is Cookin"

Finishing Move: The Rock Bottom, the People's Elbow, and the Sharpshooter

A Little Bio

The Rock now a dedicated father to his recently born daughter (In August 2001) Simone, and a devoted husband to Dany the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) has a lot to deal with. But I am sure he will take everything in stride. Being a third-generation wrestler in the WWF Dwayne had a lot to live up to and he did his part by entering the WWF by storm. Winning the WWf Intercontinental title within his first year.

Coming from an All-American football career at the University of Miami the Rock had the mental and physical game down of grueling days of training. The Brauma Bull as he calls himself has become a fan favorite and is known world wide for his Quotes and gimmicks. With the People's Elbow, and the People's eyebrow the Rock gives back to the fans more than any other wrestler in history.

A Brief WWF History of the Rock

Titles Won: WWF Heavyweight Champion (x6),
WCW Heavyweight Champion (x1) (Now called Worlds Title) WWF Intercontinental Champion (x2),
WWF Tag Team Champion(x5) (w/ Mick Foley x3)

Wrestler Association

Once associted with the group Nation Of Domination. Members included Kama Mustafa (The Godfather, The Goodfather), Faarooq (now with Bradshaw in a Tag Team called the APA), D-Lo Brown, and Ahmed Johnson. This group wasn't really liked and was the very first time the Rock was actually greated with a "Rocky Sucks chant".
Was in a tag team with Mick Foley (aka Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love) they called themselves the Rock and Sock connection. A fan favorite and a prominate Tag Team combination that won The WWF Tag Team gold three times.
I think the last time the Rock was booed was when he joined the Corpration headed by Vince and Shane MchMahon. The Rock left the Corporation before (I think) it turned to the Corporate Ministry (Members included The Undertaker, Mideon, Edge, Christian, Gangrel, Vince, Shane, Bossman, and Test)
The Rock recently teamed with the Undertaker, Kane, the Big Show and Chris Jericho in a elimination match vs. the WCW's Kurt Angle (Who turned on the WCW to help the Rock pin Stone Cold Steve Austin), Booker T. Test, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Shane McMahon or RVD.
The Rock has had matches with and against such greats as Steve Williams (Stone Cold Steve Austin), Mark Calloway (The Undertaker), Kane (once known as Isaac Yakem D.D.S.), Booker T, and many more.

Greatest Match

There was many 'Greatest' matches of the Rock. Best matches have always been between Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Stone Cold, and Triple H. I will tell you my favorite Greatest match when I think about it more.

Movies, TV appearences

The Rock, I believe has been on SNL (Saturday Night Live) x2. Starred in 'The Mummy Returns' as The Scorpion King with Branden Frasier. Upcoming work includes 'The Scorpion King' where he is the lead male role taker and stars with Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile). I think the Rock is a very good actor and I can't wait to see 'The Scorpion King' because it is his first lead role and with the awesome job he did in 'The Mummy Returns' I think'The Scorpion King' will be atleast #2 on the top 5 movie list.