My Script-by Me

  • Real Name: Kurt Angle
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Wrestling Debut: 1999
  • Signature Move: Olympic Slam

    Kurt Angle had an illustrious amateur career before he joined the WWF. In his early 30s, Angle had over 20 years of experience in amateur wrestling, and had won over 200 bouts. His greatest amateur achievement was in the summer of 1996, when he claimed a gold medal at the Olympics in Atlanta.

    After signing with the WWF, Kurt Angle trained intensely at the WWF Dojo and in Memphis Championship Wrestling. Kurt made his TV debut in 1998 on an edition of Sunday Night Heat, when he attacked the anti-American Tiger Ali-Singh.

    Kurt made his in ring debut for the WWF at Survivor Series 1999, where he faced off against Shawn Stasiak. Angle was booed by the fans because of his "Olympic Hero" gimmick. Half way through his match with Stasiak, Angle got on the mic and asked why he was being booed. This, of course, was the plan, and a big heel push was in store for Angle.

    After his debut, Kurt went on a winning streak. He was unbeaten from his debut, until Royal Rumble 2000. At the Royal Rumble, he was defeated by Tazz, who was making his WWF debut.

    Soon after his loss at Royal Rumble 2000, Angle won the WWF European and Intercontinental Titles. However, he lost both the belts at WrestleMania in April 2000 in a triple threat match. Angle was not pinned in the match.

    Soon after WrestleMania, Angle started teaming with Edge and Christian. They called themselves "Team ECK." Although this didn't really open any new doors for Angle, it gave him the opportunity to showcase his comical side.

    The next big step in Angle's professional wrestling career came at the 2000 King of the Ring. Kurt Angle defeated Rikishi in the finals to become King of the Ring for the year 2000.

    The next night on RAW, Angle found himself in a triple threat match with Triple H and the Rock for the #1 contendership for the WWF Title. The Rock won the match with the help of Chris Jericho.

    During the summer of 2000, Kurt Angle embarked on an intriguing feud with top WWF star Triple H. The feud surrounded Kurt's flirting with Triple H's wife, Stephanie McMahon.

    On the August 7th RAW, Angle, Triple H and Chris Jericho take part in a match to decide who would be #1 contender for the WWF Title. Angle and Triple H both pinned Jericho, and throughout August, the mystery of who was the #1 contender continued. Eventually, a triple threat title match was assigned for SummerSlam, pitted The Rock against Triple H against Kurt Angle. The Rock successfully defended his WWF Title at SummerSlam. However, the feud started heating up just before SummerSlam when Kurt Angle kissed Stephanie.

    After months of build-up, Angle finally faced Triple H one-on-one at Unforgiven 2000. In a no-DQ match, Triple H defeated Angle, after Triple H told his wife to choose between him and Angle. Stephanie kicked Angle in the nuts, which allowed Triple H to hit his second pedigree and win the match.

    Kurt Angle's biggest achievement in the WWF came in October 2000. At WWF No Mercy, Kurt Angle defeated The Rock to become WWF Champion. Angle was soon defending the title against the Undertaker, and won when his brother, Eric Angle, took his place in the match. Undertaker powerbombed Eric, and went for the cover, thinking it was Kurt. Kurt then entered the ring and attacked Undertaker from behind to pick up the victory.

    At Armageddon in December, Kurt Angle was to face his toughest challenge yet. He would defend his WWF Title in a 6-man Hell in the Cell match. Angle was up against The Rock, Undertaker, Rikishi, Austin and Triple H. Surprising, Angle overcame the odds and retained his WWF Title.

    Angle's WWF Title reign came to an end in February 2001, when he was beaten by The Rock. From there, Angle went on to feud with Chris Benoit. The series of matches between the two were outstanding, and the brought a sense of "old school" back to the WWF. Their feud was ended at Judgment Day in a 2 out of 3 falls match, with the last fall being a ladder match. Their feud outstretched all expectations, and it was a great hit.

    Soon after his victory over new WCW owner Shane McMahon at King of the Ring, Angle joined forces with Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. Their backstage segments were comedy at it's best, and Angle was starting to be recognised as a face. This face turn was put in place at WWF Invasion, when Austin turned on the WWF, and joined the WCW/ECW alliance. Kurt Angle, along with the Rock, is now the WWF's leader against the WCW/ECW Invasion.

    Kurt Angle is a true WWF superstar, and he has what it takes to be a long term WWF Champion.

    Angle became two-time WWF Champion late in September 2001, but soon lost the title back to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Kurt Angle made one of the most explosive entrances into the WWF just over a year ago. He has already achieved more in one year than most wrestlers have been able to achieve in a lifetime. Kurt was crowned Olympic Champion in 1996 when the Olympic Games were held in Atlanta and he has never looked back since. He has gone on to become the World Wrestling Champion, Intercontinental Champion, European Champion and the 2000 King Of The Ring.


    Kurt Angle's Career Highlights


  • Olympic Gold Medalist (1996 Olympics in Atlanta)
  • 1996 Roger Coulon Tournament champion (France)
  • 1995 World Champion
  • Second in 1995 World Cup
  • 1995 Grand Prix Slovakia champion
  • Sixth in 1994 Sunkist International Open
  • Second in 1994 Dan Kolov Tournament (Bulgaria)
  • 1993 Henri Deglane Challenge champion (France)
  • 1993 Krasnoyarsk Tournament champion (Russia)
  • Third in 1992 World Cup
  • 1990 Canada Cup champion
  • Second in 1989 Yasar Dogu Tournament (Turkey)
  • Second in 1989 Espoir World Cup


  • 1995-96 U.S. Nationals champion
  • 1995 World Team Trials champion
  • Second in 1994 World Team Trials
  • Second in 1993-94 U.S. Nationals
  • Third in 1993 World Team Trials
  • Third in 1992 Olympic Team Trials
  • Fourth in 1992 U.S. Nationals
  • Seventh in 1989 U.S. Nationals
  • 1988 Espoir Nationals champion
  • 1987 Junior Nationals champion

    Competed for Bob Bubb at Clarion Univ
    1992 NCAA champion as a senior
    1991 NCAA runner-up as a junior
    1990 NCAA champion as a sophomore
    1988 conference “Freshman of the Year
    Graduated in 1993 with degree in education
    Served in the Student Senate for two years, and was the president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    High School:
    Competed for George Lamprinakos at Mt. Lebanon HS in Pennsylvania
    1987 state champion as a senior, and placed third in the state as a junior
    Also played football in high school, and was an all-state linebacker

    Member of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Hall of Fame and the Pennsylvania Classic Hall of Fame


  • WWF Champion
  • Intercontinental Champion
  • European Champion
  • King Of The Ring 2000
  • Hardcore Champion


  • WCW Champion